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Welcome to the home page of Celesta Press, the personal imprint of Christian author Eric H. Bowen. Eric and Celesta’s first book is the forthcoming novel Guardian Angel, available for pre-sale in mid-February 2024 for delivery in mid-May 2024.

The book is in pre-press at this time for versions in eBook format (Kindle/Nook/ePub) plus softcover trade paper and POD hardcover (special library edition) to be distributed by IngramSpark. A large print version and audiobook are in the planning stages. Note to resellers: It is the intention of the author/publisher to conform to accepted industry practice as regards reseller discounts and returns.

Celesta Press is currently (November 2023) being operated as a sole proprietorship by Eric H. Bowen. Effective the first of January 2024 the company structure will transition to Celesta Press LLC, incorporated under the laws of the State of Texas with Eric as member/manager.